Project Goal - Guidance And Orientation For Adult Learners
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Services For Students

Explore our archives of beneficial content and a wide range of services to boost your learning to a higher level.

Lean In, Speak Out

Your world isn’t confined to those pages; the words speak of everything around you. Find time to follow the voice.

Welcome To Campus

Enter the wide-open gates to experience the fun of learning. Walk into a space of knowledge to explore the unexplored.


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A breakdown of every term you peruse and finding the roots and links isn’t something everyone offers.
Enter the next dimension with us.

About Us

An establishment that spurts out exemplar forms of teaching and learning with an experience of over a century.


We find the ones in an inner-conflict with theories to circumvent the blocks by holding onto their hands.


Every mind is assessed with the right yardstick to only provide more attention to the ones in need of it.


Refreshing souls with informative and entertaining events to boost their minds for academics.

Professional Education

Wearing a certain disposition on your face as a disguise isn’t the idea of becoming a professional. We take you through the course of attaining skills to become one.

  • Insights For Students

    Clearing the haze within the brilliant minds to have a better view of life and their trades.

  • Full Time Personnel

    Not a minute goes wasted with the sessions of Goal’s faculty, and the doors to wisdom are open all day around.

  • Academic Divisions

    A wide range of courses is being offered in our house of knowledge to equip the budding talents with essential competency.

  • Student Campuses

    The greenery and elegance that traverses vast areas provide the students with the perfect space of serenity.

  • Founding Dates

    Our haven for aspirants have been open for more entrants for more than a century now, and new fields have been incorporated since then with every passing decade.

  • Senior Administrators

    An efficient team of managers to look into every aspect of the institute have shining stars of experience attached to their cuff.

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Spread Across 6 Countries Worldwide

We are spreading our wings of wisdom to a wider region over the globe with the rising demand for academics.

Enrollment 2020 – 2021

Find out how to excel at your subject with our guidance, starting this year.

Financial Aid

Every talented student with meagre financial soundness need only focus on studies; the rest is on us.

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  • Guidance is often defined as a process for developing and implanting behaviour and traits in a student’s mind that will help them cope with sociological and emotional situations. Counselling is the process of providing guidance and ‘talking-it-out’ to a trusted person or a committee. Student’s......

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