Project Goal - Guidance And Orientation For Adult Learners
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13 Short Courses in Adult Education


13 Short Courses in Adult Education

Adult education is a growing field which has gained importance in recent years. It is a method of educating young adults in various fields, suiting their personality apart from traditional schooling. This education is provided to enhance skills as well as impart knowledge on leading a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. There are various universities and online courses that are dedicated to this field. We will discuss 13 of such short online courses that have helped thousands of young adults and will continue to do so.

Learning Differences by Torrens University Australia

It is four months learning programme conducted online that emphasizes on developing awareness and understanding the traits of learning. The course also helps to learn from a deficit perspective.

Adult Learning and Development, University of Victoria

The course emphasizes understanding about adulting beliefs and provides necessary and up-to-date information on the current situations, ideas, concepts and theory.

Dyslexia by Torrens University Australia

Most times the condition of dyslexia can be challenging to notify in adults. This course guides on the path to identify the condition and provide necessary help for young individuals.

Creating a mindset for change

The short course is offered by Simppliv, which educates the visitors on the importance of mental health in adults, maintaining a positive mindset and addressing a change in behaviour.


Facilitating Adult Learning, University of Victoria

The course emphasizes the complexity in the adult education process and helps identify the beliefs, assumptions and values in their decision. It also guides people on the implications of educational principles.

Dissertation by Warn borough College

A certificate of completion accompanies this online short course. The course concentrates on the ability for young adults to discover their passion and also guides them in studying and pursuing their passion for analytical thinking and mindset.

Mature Learners, University of York

The course will help young adults to demystify their future and higher education helping them reflects on their steps as well.


Strategies and Tools for Teaching Adults Online

The course is trainer centered and emphasizes on the practical aspects and difficulties of training adults online—the course discusses pain points and also the solution to them.

Foundations of Adult Education

The course is designed to examine adult education from all historical, political, sociological and philosophical foundations and apply them to the contemporary education system.

The Adult in the Environment by Montessori Centre International

This course is designed to imply and apply practical knowledge from a teacher from a Montessori with a realistic viewpoint to the issue, with no prior experience.

Cracking Through to Creativity by The University of Victoria

This workshop/ course is designed to notify all the pain points and find a solution through the methods of problem-solving, visionary thinking and many more.

Intercultural Trainer Academy 2019 by InterCultur GGmbH, Germany

It is a ten-day short course that ends with a paper submission on the importance of adult education and training in the real world and the problems faced by them.

Discovering Our Many bits of Intelligence

The short course guides on the idea of emotional and mental Intelligence to lead a successful life. The course also speaks of the importance of guiding the mind at a young age.

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