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Project GOAL is one of the projects under the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 3, prospective initiatives, European Policy Experimentation. GOAL stands for Guidance and Orientation for Adult Learners and aims to set up educational guidance services for low educated adults in 6 countries across Europe: Belgium (Flanders), Czech Republic, Iceland, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Slovenia. These educational guidance services will be organised as a policy experiment in which evaluation of the process and the outcomes will play a crucial role. The project is coordinated by the Department of Education and Training, Flanders.

On this website you will find regular updates on the activities of the projects and results of the evaluations.

Education and training to adults has a crucial role to play in meeting socio-economic, demographic, environmental and technological challenges in Europe. Adult education should enable citizens to acquire, update and develop job-specific skills and key competences needed for their employability, to foster further learning, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. However, it is a general trend in Europe that only adults who have benefited higher levels of education are more likely to participate to adult education than low educated adults.

In view of this trend, there is a need in all partner countries of the GOAL-consortium to develop educational guidance services for low skilled adults who can’t find an appropriate way to develop their competencies for full participation in society and to the labour market. The provision of adult education in the partner countries of the GOAL-consortium is very fragmented and there is a lack of coordination between the different providers and between specific stakeholders that deal with low educated adults. Therefore, an independent one-stop guidance service that puts the specific needs of low educated adult learners in the centre is indispensable to increase participation of low skilled adults in adult education.

Read more on the project rationale here.