About us - Project Goal
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About us

The GOAL-consortium is set up by 15 organisations from 8 different countries. The rationale of setting-up the consortium is based on the common needs regarding guidance to low educated adults in the different countries and the common rationale of addressing these needs.  In all countries the existing guidance services that are in place are mostly based on career guidance and are very labour market oriented. In general these career guidance services  are often not reaching low educated adults or specific target groups amongst this group. In some countries there is already a (strong) system of educational guidance in place but in that case the system is not reaching the specific target groups of this project. The guidance services as well as the adult education provision are very fragmented which make them less accessible to low-educated adults, who are mostly in need of education and training.

This common ground makes the partnership valuable in terms of focusing on similar issues and trying out similar policy measures to address these issues.

All partners in the consortium provide an added value by delivering specific expertise and experiences, or by implementing innovative approaches that are valuable to learn from for other countries (also outside the consortium).