Client testimonials

Why do clients enter educational guidance? And how do they experience the educational guidance received under the GOAL project? We asked some clients to share their stories. 

Watch the interviews with 2 GOAL clients on our newly added Testimonials page.


Seminar 'the tailor-made approach': Lifelong Learning stays relevant

On June 7, Learning Shop (De Leerwinkel) West-Flanders organised a seminar for local stakeholders in the province of West-Flanders. The seminar provided a complete view of the activities of the Learning Shop, with a focus on the realisations under the GOAL project.

The seminar was a mix of plenary presentations and workshops. Jeroen Backs, head of the section Strategic Policy Support from the Ministry of Education, focused on the importance of Lifelong Learning and guidance in European perspective. To many participants his presentation was an eye-opener on the urgency for Flemish policy makers to prioritise Lifelong Learning and Adult Guidance in Flemish education policy.

Different aspects of educational guidance were explored in 5 workshops: clients, guidance and learning pathways, educational landscape, tools and recognizing talents and competences.

Read more on the workshops and conclusions of the seminar




Publication of Wave 1 evaluation Cross-Country Report and national reports

In November 2016 the Institute of Education published the Wave 1 Cross-Country Evaluation report. This report presents the cross-country findings from the Wave 1 evalation which is based on the early stages of the GOAL project. The cross-country Wave 1 dataset was collected from quantitative fieldwork undertaken between April 2015 and May 2016 and qualitative interviews and focus groups carried out in April and May 2016. The country findings are published in individual country evaluation reports. A final project evaluation report will be published in January 2018.

The country-specific findings are represented in 6 country reports which can be downloaded here:

The cross country report and its appendices can be downloaded here:

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