National final conference and working meeting with stakeholders in Iceland

The national final conference of the GOAL project took place in Iceland on December 14th with a total of 50 participants representing policy level, organisations and practitioners. Ms. Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, minister of education, science and culture opened the conference and spoke about the importance of Lifelong learning and a holistic approach regarding Lifelong career guidance. The project aims and focus were presented along with the main findings from the GOAL research. Career counsellors from the participating Lifelong learning centres Mímir and MSS presented the guidance experience in the project and challenges identified. Cooperative partners presented their experience of the cooperation and described the services they provide to the target group. A panel of stakeholders answered questions from conference participants where it became quite evident that common efforts are needed towards more seamless services and a continuing focus on identifying ways to reach out with appropriate guidance and support.

A working meeting was held with a group of 20 stakeholders in the afternoon. Discussions evolved around how to take the project further. A list of prioritized next steps was identified along with a common agreement on the continuation of the Advisory group for the development of further policy and cooperation.

See news on the ETSC website about the conference:

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