National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre and Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers (NUV)

National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre and Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers (Národní ústav pro vzdělávání, školské poradenské zařízení a zařízení pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků – NÚV) is a council body of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, charged with the development of pre-primary, primary, general secondary and secondary vocational education. The institution has been delegated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to manage the project and the Ministry keeps the strategic leadership of the Czech implementation of the project.

Role in the project:

NUV has been delegated by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to manage and coordinate the project on national level and to deliver the national field trial, including the dissemination and communication and evaluation of the interventions.

will be responsible for:

  • coordination of collaboration structures and network,
  • development of tools,
  • identifying and defining competences of counsellors,
  • providing training for counsellors,
  • organising outreach structures,
  • providing guidelines for quality guidance and adapting existing guidance methodologies,
  • providing input for exchange of good practices internationally

NUV will also establish the national evaluation team.

Its principal mission is to provide schools (general and vocational) in the Czech Republic with comprehensive assistance. Most importantly, it is responsible for the development and innovation of the National Curriculum Framework; contribution to the development of the VNFIL system; administration of the National Qualifications Framework; direct realisation of career guidance and training and methodological support of guidance practitioners and teachers involved in career education. All goals are in line with the Strategy for the development of lifelong learning. NÚV is also implementing several national systemic projects, e.g. VIP Kariéra II – KP - a project dealing with career guidance. The main output of the project is a complex online information system, a comprehensive database (, which is providing information about all schools, programmes and professions, labour market, autotest, practical tips, tools for improvement of guidance services, and information for disabled students and best practise examples to reduce drop out from school (the prevention and intervention mechanisms). Another output is an e-learning study programme for career counsellors, accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Another systemic project UNIV 3 aims to support the further education for adults, quality of requalification and the process of recognition of prior learning.

Great emphasis is also placed on European cooperation in the area of education. NÚV is the National Europass Centre and the ECVET and EQF National Coordination Point of the Czech Republic; NÚV is a member of the ReferNet network and has a close cooperation with international organisations, e.g. ETF, Cedefop, OECD, UNESCO, UNEVOC, EUROPEN, etc