Mimir Lifelong learning center

Mímir-símenntun is a centre for lifelong learning in Reykjavík, the largest of its kind in Iceland. Mimir is a private corporation, owned by the Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASÍ).

Role in the project:

 Responsible for carrying out field trials in the capital area.

  • coordination of the field trials in cooperation with the ETSC,
  • setting up and maintaining a network of stakeholders to reach specific target groups,
  • providing information,
  • develop tools and methods for guidance, guidance and counselling to low skilled adults,
  • take part in the development of a competence profile for counsellors,
  • organise outreach guidance sessions,
  • exchange of good practices and expertise with MSS LLL center and specialists from unemployment- and social services,
  • provide input for exchange of good practices internationally, provide input for evaluation and support local and international evaluation team.   

The main purpose of Mímir-símenntun is to offer courses for adults, develop educational opportunities and to encourage people in the labour market to practice continuous education and job development.

The centre targets those who have not completed the upper secondary level of education. This target group comprises 30% of people in the Icelandic labour market which is a higher percentage than in most European countries. The objective is to enable individuals from the target group to obtain an education and improve their position on the labour market. Another target group is immigrants to whom Mímir offers Icelandic language and orientation programmes with a wide range of courses at six different levels. Mímir-símenntun was established in December 2002 and today there are 23 people on staff, 150 contractors (teachers and instructors) and a total of 4.000 students of whom1.300 are immigrants. Mímir-símenntun has a contract with The Icelandic Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC) on running courses which are described in the FA curricula and on career and education guidance. Mímir has worked on outreach guidance for the target group since 2006 but would like to develop approaches towards more vulnerable groups.