The Reading & Writing Foundation

The Reading & Writing Foundation raises awareness of the significant levels of illiteracy, among children and adults, in The Netherlands and abroad. In addition, the Foundation is a strategic partner of the Ministry of Education in planning and execution the government’s basic skills action programme.

Role in the project:

The Stichting Lezen & Schrijven (Reading and Writing Foundation) executes the field trials in The Netherlands. The Foundation has developed a number of tools, including a basic skills quick scan, which the proposed project will seek to implement in the daily operations of key strategic partners in two pilot regions. The Foundation is highly experienced with project management and partnership building in the field of low literacy and basic skills.

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has responsibility for general adult secondary education (secondary education for people of 18 years and older), basic skills courses, low literacy programmes and general education programmes for adults in The Netherlands.

Role in the project:

  • Coordination of the project at  national level and final responsibility on project management
  • Lead the project implementation (field trials and evaluation) in The Netherlands, coordinate the implementation of field trials with local partners
  • Support, strengthen and facilitate local partnerships to carry out field trials
  • Support national evaluation team (subcontracted)