Needs Analysis Report

In the first year of the project we focused on a needs analysis in all 6 countries. This needs analysis had a two-folded purpose. It was the basis for further development of the different programme interventions as part of the field trials. Furthermore, the knowledge of the needs analysis will be used to evaluate how existing conditions before the project influence the relationships among field trials and their outcomes.

You can download the pdf’s here:

  1. Needs Analysis Summary Report
  2. Needs Analysis Full Report
  3. Annexes

The Needs analysis report also serves as a reference document for the GOAL partners through which they can see the pre-intervention situation in the other countries and reflect on the situation in their own. Although each country will use the same broad intervention strategies with the same broad target group, the specific target groups vary, each intervention is unique, and each country has a different starting point. This Needs Analysis Report provides partners with the opportunity to view these complexities through the lens of common themes.

The Needs Analysis consists of three components: first, the Institute of Education conducted an English-language review of international literature on the policy, practice and research contexts for GOAL; second, local evaluators populated a common template with findings from reviews of national-language evidence; third, findings were captured from local SWOT analyses of current guidance and orientation provision for adult in the twelve intervention sites (two sites per country).