Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MESS) has different areas of work/directorates, units for policy making of pre-school, basic education, secondary – general and vocational, higher vocational education and adult education. The government established public institutes for research and development in education, two of them will take part in the project as: Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) and Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (IRSVET).

Role in the project:

The Ministry is  responsible for national management and coordination of project activities, dissemination and policy reflection;

  • the Ministry will chair the National Project Management team and national Project Board establishment for policy making reflection
  • The staff of MESS will provide policy development and strategy support for the aims of the project, transnational cooperation on the policy level and evaluation
  • During the project the MESS staff will ensure continuous development of policy and strategy with the transnational and national team of the project. The National team (Slovenia) will include experts from MESS, Slovenian Institute for Adult Education ( SIAE ), Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training ( IRSVET ) and their experts ( researchers, development team etc)

The Education Development Office as the unit of the Ministry performs tasks associated with the work of the expert councils for education, participation in the network (Eurydice), the evaluation of the education system, the preparation of basic elements for research and development related to pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education, adult education, music education, and education programmes for children and young people with special needs.

Regarding the national interest which is also seen in the Resolution of National Master Plan for Adult Education (2013-2020), the education policy upon the developed practice of guidance and recognition and validation of prior learning is set on basic activities to support major goals of Adult Education in Slovenia. In this respect the education sector (MESS) in close cooperation with research and development institutes (SIAE; IRSVET, NEI …) also supports international cooperation, exchange of policy making, good practice and system solutions.

The main objectives of the MESS are:

  • To research, exchange practices, evidence and develop of the assessment of information and guidance process including validation and recognition of prior learning, especially for low-skilled and low-educated, defined vulnerable target groups of adults in policy and strategy at national and transnational levels
  • to encourage and systematically support and observe experts, researchers, practitioners (mostly counsellors in adult education) in the development of a model of policy experimentation dedicated to counselling and recognition of prior learning in focus to support low-skilled adults
  • to support partnerships and sustainable networks with stakeholders and social partners involved and related to the process of information and counselling in adult education.