Institute of Education

The Institute of Education (IOE) is the UK's premier institution for the education and training of teachers and for educational research. That reputation has been gained and sustained over a period of 100 years. The IOE's international reach extends to some 100 countries. Their research, consultancy and collaborative partnerships bring them into contact with governments, international and national agencies, institutions and organisations in every continent.

Role in the project:

  • Coordination of evaluation activities in all partner countries (process evaluation)
  • Desk research
  • train and support local evaluators
  • overall evaluation including developing the final evaluation report

For the purposes of this project the Institute will be represented by the National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy (NRDC), which will lead the evaluation aspects of this project. NRDC was established in 2002 by the UK government as part of the Skills for Life strategy (the national strategy for improving adult literacy and numeracy skills in England and Wales), to create a strong evidence base for the future with close links to practice and policy.

NRDC offers world-leading knowledge and understanding of key issues related to research, policy and practice in the field of adult learning. The NRDC team has extensive specialist knowledge of the use of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in the adult learning sector. They have conducted a number of major evaluations and have worked with others in the sector to understand mechanisms to engage adults in learning.

Over the past 10 years NRDC has worked with partners in the UK, EU and beyond to generate knowledge about adult learning and used that to inform policy makers and improve practice. NRDC has an international reputation, undertaking research and development activity for a range of national and international funders.