Project Goal - Guidance And Orientation For Adult Learners
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The Importance of Guidance & Counselling in a Student’s Life

Guidance & Counselling

The Importance of Guidance & Counselling in a Student’s Life

Guidance is often defined as a process for developing and implanting behaviour and traits in a student’s mind that will help them cope with sociological and emotional situations. Counselling is the process of providing guidance and ‘talking-it-out’ to a trusted person or a committee. Student’s life is a crucial phase where they begin to respond to various atmospheres and deal with different people daily. Especially in students who are in their adolescence, need utmost care and discipline to lead a successful life ahead. Counselling and guidance is the need of the hour, especially in countries like India, where the suicide rates among students are increasing at an alarming rate. There could be many underlying reasons for it like peer pressure, exam stress, anxiety, depression and many more.

In countries like India, the education system is always under the radar for pressurizing students on quantitative learning, rather than quality training. Irregular curriculum, immensely considerable books to study within a year and many more aspects leave no room for students to concentrate on their personal and interpersonal development. To benefit this situation, almost all schools across the world, have a dedicated counselling team or a trustworthy counsellor, who guides a student in any problems they’re facing.

Importance of Guidance and counselling

Reduces stress and anxiety

Whether a nursery student or an engineering and medical student, the education system around the world has made it a point to burden students with assignments, exams, projects and so on. The fear of meeting the deadline with extensive work often causes a lot of anxiety and stress in students. Having the advantage of talking to a counsellor will help them ease out the process and concentrate on one thing at a time.

Provides a proper direction

This mainly implies to the students after their board examinations. With so many different career options in front of them, it is often intimidating for the students to deal with it alone. Hence, a trained counsellor can help you choose the right path according to your passion and interests.

proper direction

Bridges the gap between teacher and students

No matter how friendly the teacher is, there is always a subtle gap between the teacher and students, that causes a sense of hesitation for the students. Regular counselling sessions will patch the gap and makes it more comfortable and welcoming for the students to discuss their problems with their teachers.

Make them better human beings.

Counselling is also about guiding the students on the right path and teaching them how to deal with situations and people around them. This helps shape their behaviour when they set out to make a living in the vast sea of life.

The feeling of being heard

In this fast pacing environment and lifestyle, parents hardly find time to interact pain points with their wards. A regular counselling session will not make the students feel they’re not left out, but also give them a sense of being heard. It is the most crucial stage of their lives and will want someone to guide them in the right path and direction, whilst considering their pain points and problems.

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